About six years ago, my graduating class had to go to school to take our class picture. As always, I was running late. But, I knew traffic wouldn’t be bad because rush hour had already passed. Right next to my high school is a senior living home. We never really see any of them, but six years ago I did.

I was about to turn into my high school when the car in front of me made a sudden stop. I was surprised that I did not rear end him, but more surprised when he hopped out of his car. The driver ran to the sidewalk where I see an old woman beginning to walk across the street. The driver grabbed her arm and began to help her cross the street. Although, they did not have the blinking light giving the O.K. to walk on the crosswalk, none of the cars were moving. There was no honking, no yelling, everyone just waiting for her to get across safely. This is when I knew that I could not imagine living anywhere else.

This Southern way of mind, where no one is in a rush and everyone puts others before themselves, is what I love the most. The smell of sweet tea and sunflowers, children screaming for the ice cream truck in a cul-de-sac, the sun shining down all day every day, the loyalty to not only family, but also your neighbors and, so much more. What better place would you want your children to grow up other than a place where a man stops traffic to help an old lady cross the street, and nobody gives it a second thought.

Living in the South is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Without even knowing it, I would not be the same person I am today if I did not live in Georgia. But not anywhere in Georgia, the suburbs of Georgia. I live in Roswell, Georgia. A small suburb about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. Even though it is not the biggest city, in my book, every kid should grow up in Roswell.

Roswell is not like any other city. Roswell gives you a small town feel while also having everything you could need. Some roads go on for miles and all you see is acres of peoples’ land. But it also has neighborhoods with children playing kickball in the cul-de-sac. It gives families the option to decide how they want to raise their children. Maybe they want to raise their children to have a worker attitude by having two horses and three pigs. Or maybe they want to raise their children in an apartment in downtown Roswell where they get more of a city feel. The options are endless which makes life that much more exciting.

In a small town like Roswell, everyone knows everyone. That means anything you do; your mama will find out about it. But, this is one of the best parts about it. The loyalty to family and friends is such a huge part of how this city functions. Not only for family and friends, but also your neighbors. Big cities do not have this same faithfulness and that’s what makes living in the south so great. Living in the south is the best place to grow a family. I mean, what other place shuts down an intersection for a sweet old lady to cross the street?