USC Upstate welcomes students with views of its historic buildings.

As her senior year of college has kicked off, she catches herself reflecting on moments leading up to this year. Specifically, move-in day at the University of South Carolina Upstate.  A million emotions were going through her head. This was the first time she would be away from home. In reality, her drive was only 20 minutes away, but this was a huge deal.

The family did all the pre-university move-in activities. She went to dinner with her future roommate and visited the campus. She had everything possible to make the transition from home to dorm smooth.

Heads up, she was not extremely excited to go. In one word: she was nervous.

Her family and best friends were all going to be what felt like hours away. She often thought to herself, how was she going to do college without her support team next to her.

Move-in day started at 9 a.m. She would be living in Mag House, the freshman dormitory. The first two floors were all female, and the other two floors were male.

As the caravan of cars with her stuff approached Upstate, the nerves got real. Her roommates were texting every moment saying, “Hey girl, when are you coming?” They were all excited to see her arrive. She glanced down at her phone, and it was almost 1:30 p.m. She was a little tardy, but she needed time to come to terms with the reality of living in Spartanburg.

Once the cars were parked, they walked into the welcome area. She saw long lines of other freshman students and their families. Finally, she got her dorm room keys, and the family was off to the second floor. She evaluated the area and discovered it was not terrible.

Her new room had the basics survival needs: her bed, her wardrobe cabinet, and her desk.

She realized she would make this work. Her family walked down the stairs and began to unpack the cars. They drove multiple cars because she made sure she did not leave anything.

As they approached the cars, she saw a lady with a news camera. This made her day. Her goal was to become a news anchor. She knew seeing this lady on the first day was a good sign.

Within seconds her parents were talking to Brookley Cromer. A recent graduate of Upstate, and now a news reporter for Fox Carolina.

Cromer was shooting a story about move-in day, and she asked her to be the main character.

As the day continued, Cromer came to the room where her family was unpacking. She knew her roommates were not as excited to have a news lady in their new room. But it was great.

Her family unpacked, and she got to exchange contact information with Cromer. Later that evening her family took her to get dinner, and they headed back home.

As she settled into her new dorm, she opened her laptop and watched the story Cromer shot. This reminded her, although individuals may not be excited about an adventure, great people are along the way.