Darren Bane is a man who built his Southern style empire by following his vision. He grew up in an above average household where they taught him to go to college and get a degree. Bane was under the impression that a college degree would solve all his problems. That was not the case.

Photo Courtesy of: Angela Mathews
Bane keeping his positive outlook on life in   Greenville.

When Bane finished college, he entered the U.S. Army. He wanted to be an airborne ranger and jump out of planes. Bane had screws in his knees from previous reconstructive surgeries which stopped him.

Still motivated for success after the army, he got a job selling cars. Bane lasted in the car business until the age of 29. This was the time in his life when his girlfriend got pregnant. “I started to get very serious about wanting more out of life because now I had a new wife and baby who are depending on me,” he said.

Darby Bane, his sister, recognizes the growth that her brother has made.

“When Darren was young, he wasn’t serious about too much, he was more into fun things,” she said. “Now he is very business centered.” Bane is a self-employed real estate investor in Greenville. He buys houses in dilapidated condition and fixes them up. “Why I do what I do is because I love to take these old run-down houses and turn them around into something beautiful that people can enjoy,” he said.

Chris Cortese, Bane’s business partner, says that they work well together because they have opposite strengths and weaknesses. “One of the reasons why I do business with Bane is because I know I can trust him and that he is an optimist,” Cortese said. “You would never believe it but he’s pretty smart.” Bane and Cortese never buy a house unless they both agree on it.

Bane does not let his business define him. He is a religious man who spends time reading the Bible and attending church. Bane volunteered to deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly. “I wanted to teach my son to make a difference in the world and help other people,” he said. Bane craves wisdom and is always reading books. “I continue to read positive books to help me grow spiritually and professionally.”

Bane’s sister says that her brother seizes every opportunity he can. “I usually don’t listen to him, but he got me started in the real estate business six years ago and it has been great for me ever since,” she said. “His positive outlook pushed me into the opportunity of a lifetime when I was stuck at an 8 a.m.-to-6 p.m. job going nowhere.” Bane soaks up information and helps others with his views and points that he puts across.

Britt Parent, his friend of 25 years, says he can turn to Bane for anything. “We just clicked right away and he has been a staple in my life ever since,” Parent said. “Bane has inspired me to travel around the world and become more diversely cultured.” Parent and Bane have traveled around South America together. “I live in Dallas, but when we want to hang out, I meet Bane in Fort Lauderdale and we book international plane tickets,” Parent said.

Bane’s mindset is what allows him to accomplish his goals. “I would lay in bed every day and envision living a life of financial independence meaning I have the ability to do what I want when I want to do it,” he said. “I applied the knowledge I have about rent-to-own and started making money immediately with real estate.” It was at this very moment that Bane learned about the power of vision and setting goals for the future. “I always continue to evolve,” he said.

Bane is a single parent with two children. “I had them 75 percent of the time until about eight months ago when my daughter started living with her mom since she was getting older and needed her mom more,” he said. “My son is with me 100 percent of the time.” Bane says his children mean the world to him and that he supports them wholeheartedly. He takes his daughter to school in the mornings to help out his ex-wife.

Bane lives a healthy lifestyle. He goes to the gym multiple times a week. “Bane was very athletic growing up,” his sister said. “He was into sports and played basketball, baseball and football in high school.” Bane was an assistant coach for his son’s sports team in earlier years.

When it comes to Bane, there is more than meets the eye. “One interesting fact about Bane that others may not know is that he loves 70s music,” his sister said. “Bane loves to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship on television and was in a tough man contest when he was younger,” Cortese said.

Bane says that his strong desire for personal growth led him to master the law of attraction. “If you were in a room of 10 people, he would be the one that you would want to contact,” his sister said. “We have to overall seek harmony and happiness because we attract what we put out,” Bane said. “If one puts out positive energy into the world, positivity will come back to oneself.”

Bane says he has a lot in store for the future. He keeps his family and friends close to him. “Somebody told me one time that people come into your life for one of three things. Either a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Bane says he likes to help people and does not mind if people come into his life for a reason. The people that he says he keeps around are the people that are in it for a lifetime.