I began my walk on a familiar street where memories are engraved in every corner. My home town, Spartanburg or “Sparkle City” as most people call it, was filled with

beautiful surprises and the walk down Main Street is the most beautiful one. I noticed that the weather was nicer than normal, the sun was out and the wind was blowing in

the most seamless way. “I have goose bumps,” I thought to myself. Not because I was cold but because nostalgia was in the air. On days like this when I was a child, my

mother would take me on a walk down Main Street. The sun would be perfectly lit and it would caress our faces while lighting up our eyes. I looked up at the sky and took a

deep breath, “Mhmmm,” I said as the warm and inviting smell of my favorite bakery seduced my nose. I walked into Bake Shop with the biggest smile on my face, “Reema,

welcome home,” Tally Richard said with a smile. There was just something about being back home and seeing familiar faces that warmed my heart.

I skimmed through the freshly baked batch of brownies and contemplated which one I should get. “Are you really thinking about what to get?” Richard said. I never

hesitated when it came to choosing one so it was no surprise when I went with my favorite brownie, “No, peanut butter please,” I said with a chuckle. When I took a bite of

the warm brownie, the peanut butter melted in my mouth and I felt like I was 6-years-old again.

I left Bake Shop with a box of brownies for my family and headed to the park. Music filled the air as a band played on the streets and the laughter of children running

through the park made me smile. I hadn’t felt this content in a long time. As I was walking to the park a dark shadow cast over me, “Oh no,” I thought to myself. A drop of

rain fell on my cheek and just like that it started pouring instantly. I ran to my car and laughed to myself; my home town is filled with surprises.